IASI team

Cathy Clerbaux
Senior scientist at CNRS
PI of the ERC IASI-FT project
PI for the IASI-NG mission
Leading Scientist for the IASI mission

She is internationally recognized as an expert in satellite remote sensing for the study of atmospheric composition changes. With her team at LATMOS, she is involved in the conception of satellite missions, and in the development of processing algorithms for the scientific exploitation of billions of measurements.
Sarah Safieddine
Research scientist at CNRS

She studies global land surface and wet bulb temperatures and their evolution with land use and climate change. She also investigates trace gases concentrations from satellite measurements, and their interactions with meteorology and surface properties.
Adrien Vu Van

He is working on new methods for detecting and characterizing emissions from extreme events on earth. His work aims at creating a near real time alert with IASI data for events such as volcanic eruptions, fires or pollution events.
Gaëlle Katchourine
Scientific mediation and visual communication

She participates in the enhancement of the scientific knowledge of IASI and others LATMOS projects, especially through visual communications: posters, logos, schemas, infographics, etc.
Juliette Hadji-Lazaro
Data processing

She is in charge of installation and maintenance of IASI observations processing chains to retrieve chemical species concentrations in the atmosphere (ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide…). She also provides these data to scientific users and assistance in their use.
Camille Viatte
Research scientist

She is a physicist working on the atmospheric chemical composition monitored from remote sensing instruments (ground and satellite). Her research focuses on trace-gases and aerosols observations involve in atmospheric pollution and urban-climate issues.
Marie Bouillon
Post doctoral researcher

She works on the retrieval of atmospheric temperatures from IASI observations and their study. She studies extreme events such as heat waves, cold waves and sudden stratospheric warmings, and long term temperature trends.
Lisa Lam

She works on cyclone detection from IASI data using Deep Learning, python programming and code optimization.
Maya George
Research Engineer

Satellite remote sensing science for trace gases. Data analysis and pollution studies. She is particularly interested in carbon monoxide (CO) emitted by anthropogenic emissions and biomass burning.
Anne Boynard
Research Engineer

She is specialized in atmosphere sounding from space for air quality and climate change monitoring. She is involved in the validation of the IASI ozone retrieval and in the assessment of the benefits/limitations of present/future satellite instruments for air quality monitoring. She is also in charge of the IASI/AERIS website (iasi.aeris-data.fr)
Rimal Abeed
PhD Candidate

She works closely with IASI data to examine ammonia (NH3), its interaction with meteorology in agricultural regions, and as a tracer for agricultural changes during the Syrian civil war. In addition to IASI data, she exploits data from a variety of sources, such as ECMWF ERA5 reanalysis, MODIS, and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery among others.
Nadir Guendouz
Environmental engineer

He works on the monitoring of ammonia in the atmosphere. More specifically, he evaluates the ammonia concentration derived from the IASI satellite by using a ground-based instrument (mini-DOAS). He participates to an inter-comparison campaign in Grignon (AMICA campaign).

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