Skin Temperature (SkT)

Description :

IASI Skin Temperature is a monthly, 1×1 degree global dataset of skin temperatures over land derived from the IASI satellite radiances data. The data was computed using artificial neural networks over a selected set of IASI radiance channels, trained with ERA5-skin temperature product. Emissivity is also used as input in the neural network (Safieddine et al., 2020). This method was applied to the whole IASI time series to produce a homogeneous skin temperature data record from Sept. 2007 to the present. The dataset consists of monthly mean TXT files of around 350 KB each (~total 52 MB for the 2007-2019 period). Each file is a grid organized by latitude (-90 to 90 °N) and longitude (-180 to 180 °E). Night and day data are separated based on the local time of IASI’s overpass at each grid point.

Last version number is 202205.

Quicklooks :

Metop-A data are available from September 2007 til December 2017.
Metop-B data are available starting January 2013.
Metop-C data are available starting January 2021.


Data access :

Publication :

Safieddine S., Parracho A. C., George M., Aires F., Pellet V., Clarisse L., Whitburn S., Lezeaux O., Thépaut J.-N., Hersbach H., Radnoti G. et al.: Artificial Neural Networks to Retrieve Land and Sea Skin Temperature from IASI, Remote Sensing, MDPI, 12 (17), pp.2777,, 2020.

Contact :

Sarah Safieddine ( or Cathy Clerbaux (

Citation :

Safieddine, S. (2020). IASI-FT. Skin Temperature (from IASI) [Data set]. LATMOS.

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